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For a Woodbridge, VA auto accident law attorney the office of D. Michael Mullori Jr. Attorney at Law can provide the most extensive experience and knowledge in this area of personal injury. Focusing his practice on representing victims of road and highway accidents, you can trust that he will provide the strongest local representation for your case.

Mr. Mullori has been a practicing trial attorney for over 12 years, and with many successful cases behind him, he has the experience and resources necessary to build a successful lawsuit in your favor. When you're in a collision with a commercial vehicle, an investigation is necessary to ensure that the laws and guidelines that protect other drivers on the road were followed. With knowledge of the industry, he will extensively research the circumstances of your incident to identify laws that may have been broken, and that are directly related to your case. We'll also aggressively advocate for the maximum insurance recovery for your case. You can trust in his experience, legal skill, and proven record of success.

By going beyond the police report and examining the details, we can ensure that we bring a successful claim to court. Through strong negotiation and compelling litigation strategies, our office will do what it takes to secure due compensation. Schedule now and protect your rights. For information regarding Woodbridge, VA commercial auto accident law, or to get representation, call D. Michael Mullori Jr. Attorney at Law today. We can schedule your free initial consultation with us, and offer flexible appointments as a convenience.


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